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Reiki IS For Every ONE!


The Four R's of Reiki
Reduce Stress, Relax Body, Renew Self, Revitalize Your Energy!

Try It! You'll LOVE IT!

After Reiki

"Like hands of Pure Love"
That's what people say about the Experience of Reiki


 Wednesday Reiki Circle 6 pm
Our Community Open House Reiki Circle is open to all. Join us at any time. Stay as long as you like!    
 $5-$10   donation  

2 CEU Contact Hours

   The Koinonia House at the University Oregon  

1414 Kincaid St
Eugene, OR 97401-3739
Next to the Knight Library          



Compassionate Connection Clinic


Spend 15 Minutes and

Change Your Life!



Thursdays from 1-4pm

Koinonia House

1414 Kincaid

Across from the Knight Library

Drop-In Every Thursday and Enjoy the Benefits of


Sound Healing

or Re-Patterning

Call 541-343-0808 for details

 or Just

 Drop-in and


$15 for 15 Minutes



Reiki Northwest Healing Arts Inner Peace Plan
Through a combination of Healing modalities we design a Unique Inner Peace Plan Just for you.
Call 541-343-0808 to schedule an appointment
drop by the
 Koinonia Center on Campus
 across from the Knight Library
for your Personal Energy Assesment and Inner Peace Plan.
Fridays from 2-5pm 

The Inner Peace Plan changes our Unique perspective so that
We can make more conscious decisions.
The Inner Peace Plan starts with
Reiki which  calms our emotions and allows us to adopt a more peaceful mind-set. We often allow our emotional impulses to be expressed through our physical actions in an effort to ease the feelings of pressure within us.
Repatterning helps us to Intentionally  choose to detach from the intensity of our emotions and adopt a more peaceful state of mind, so that we won’t feel so driven to make impulsive decisions, and we can better determine the actions that would result in favorable consequences. We are then able to make wise, conscious decisions that will create more beneficial circumstances in our lives. Choosing to release your unsettled emotions and focus on more peaceful thoughts today will help you make wiser decisions that will enhance your life.
Sound Healing sets into our body these concious choices we have made to live a more calm peaceful joyful life.
Call today for your Appointment to a New You and a New World View!







Koinonia House

1414 Kincaid

Across from the Knight Library

Call 541-343-0808 for details

 or just drop-in and


 Drop-In Fridays for a

Personal Energy Assessment

and receive

Your Personal  Individual Inner Peace Plan .  The RNW Inner Peace Plan Combines Reiki, Repatterning and Sound Healing. It is designed to change your Quantum field so that you attract and give off positive information. on a vibrational level. When this occurs, you not only change your experience of the world around you, but you dramatically effect the world at large in a poositive and loving way. We are the ripple on the pond.

Start today!

Be the change you wish to see!

We gurantee theat the Inner Peace Plan will change your life, and the lives of those around you.


(Free with purchase of one of our  Radiant Healing Into Wholeness Packages)



Brain Frazzled Before
Try Reiki!
"I had a Reiki Treatment before the Bar Exam and I felt  great even under all that stress! And I passed with flying colors!" Trevor, Attny


Before You Play - Reiki!
Libbies Lottery Reiki
Relax and Visualize your winning lottery numbers! Then Share with friends, neighbors family and Reiki Northwest!
"I really wanted to win the lottery so I could help my little sister get a new bike. In just a 15 minute session , I saw the numbers I knew would win'! Jason


Reiki for Love
Looking for Love?
Try Reiki!
Reiki changes your Magnetic Field so that you attract the Right Person for you!
"I had been single for 15 years. I was unhappy,old, overweight and my life was out of control. After I started getting Reiki my entire life changed. After just a few sessions, I met the man I love and plan to marry. Before Reiki I would never have thought this possible. Reiki changed my life for the better!" Barbara
"I was 'in love' with a guy who was taking all my money and time away from my two children. But I just couldn't shake my addictrion to him. After I started Reiki it was easy to say NO! Now i'm happy with my family and am retrurning to school to become a nurse! Reiki Changed my life!" Jenny

 Reiki NW Brings Reiki To


                                                                                                                                                                                 Private In-Home Sessions, Hospital Visitation, Residential Care Facility, Support Groups, Office, Group, Party, Organization, Reiki Workshops

 Call 541-343-0808


Reiki For Weddings!
Stressed out?
Say 'I do!' to Reiki, today and Every Day of your Life!


Reiki for Veterans is a Wonderful Gift!!!!

Reiki for Veterans

Reiki is especially helpful for the Vet returning from Active Duty. Family Members love it too.

Give us a Call today. We care!



Reiki For Volunteers!
There is no better way to give the gift of kindness, love and compassion than with the simple effective gift of Reiki.
We have Volunteer Opportunities for you AND your Entire Family or your Caring Company or Church or Group Organization!
Call Us Today
Because we care!


Reiki is a Wonderful Gift  

Reiki and All of Our Energy healing modalities make a wonderful gift for a loved one who needs a friendly kind compassionate visit to their home, hospital room or care facility. 

 Give the Gift of Reiki to the

ENTIRE Family!

This a great gift for New moms and Infants, Couples or even those special  family gatherings. Enjoy the gift of Reiki on the Day of your Wedding, 'Labor' Day, or those Family Reunions. Reiki is a wonderful Relaxing and Rejuvenating Gift for our joyous times or stress filled times.

Call 541-343-0808

Email Consultations        



Distance  Consultations

  We are happy to consult with you about a personal problem, or a beloved friend or family member. After our Consultation, we send loving healing energy to you and your loved one for 72hours. After 72 hours, we continue to hold you and your loved one in prayer for one month. We are connected with groups around the world dedicated to holding you and your loved ones in constant prayer.  Know that you are loved and cared for in this very moment

Email Consultations    


Call 541-343-0808 Today    


Reiki Northwest

Eugene, OR 97405



Change Your Quantum Field!

Schedule your own Private Reiki Session at our Beautiful Healing Center

Reiki Northwest

1151 Lorane Hwy,


Between Chambers and Friendly on Lorane Hwy,  Near Van Buren and Lorane  - Watch for the large green hedges


Call for directions



Reiki Northwest
1414 Kincaid Ave
Eugene, OR 97401


"Thank you for being a part of the Positive Change!"

Reiki Northwest Practitioners!



"You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should." Written by Max Ehrmann in the 1920s