The Zorya

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When we immerse in the Goddess, the Feminine Divine, we align with the empowering energies of Lifeforce, Love, Inspiration, Abundance, Creativity, Joy, Nourishment, Reverence, and Sustenance. We get a true sense of 'power with' and within.

Three Guardian Goddesses
of the

The Mission of The Zorya

 is to Inspire Instill and to Enliven Wisdom within all.

The Zorya honors the Divine Feminine within all of us.

The Zorya honors the Divine Feminine in all her many forms 

 Shekhina, the Divine In-Dwelling, Sophia, the Yin Principle, Quan Yin, Kali, Durga, Shakti, Isis, Tara

Mother Divine.

The Zorya are here to awaken, assist, guide and comfort the people of Earth as they learn the ways  of   

                      New and Ancient Stewardship 

of our

Family, Community and the

 Material World in which we live.

The Zorya’s Mission is to assist people in

Expressing their Creativity 

  Empowering  their Positive Emotional Currents

Exploring Community Wisdom

Creating Networks of Supportive Relationships


Connects us with all of Life.


The Zorya
Morning Star
 Evening Star
Midnight Star

The Zorya is a Temple dedicated to the divine oneness that embraces, encompasses, enfolds and breathes all of us. It is an omni faith, omni generational omni cultural non profit.


Hart as Drum
'It is told that the skin or body of a drum determines who or what will be called into being . Drums are believed to be your journeying transportation. A drum made of heart will call the spirits concerned with the essential essence of life. '
Women Who Run With Wolves, Estes.


The Zorya
1151 Lorane Hwy.
Eugene, OR 97405


receptive yielding magnetic pulling  nurturing secret unforlding understanding wisdom mercy womb labor birth ocean emotion moon regenerative transforming darkness living loving kindness interior hart beat earth hidden deep love drawing in holding natural nourishment milk of life ever changing ever constant life sustaining