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JAM! JambAlaya Music

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JAM! JambAlaya Music

Shake Rattle Roll Dance

Shake Rattle Roll Dance
JAM! is based on the understanding that
Music is Fun For Everyone!
We invite and include everyone into our fun filled dynamic classes. Our program is designed for all of us to sing and dance and boogey
So ,c'mon everyone - Sing Together!
Moms, dads, sisters, brothers, grandmas, grandpas, cousins, aunts, uncles neighbors and friends are all welcome.
Join us as we sing dance and play together!
1151 Lorane Hwy
Eugene, OR 97405

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We believe that the living experience of music, in all its many forms, are a vital part of the life of all people.
 Music is our Universal Language.
When I hear some lovely music I feel that I can fly.6 yr old,China
Music is important because it let’s kids' brains flow into new experiences and learn in new ways.” 9yr old U.S.
“Music has definitely helped me understand myself better.” 15 yr old, U.S.

Music makes me aware of who I am. Singing and dancing is a part of my life, so to be able to sing and dance" 17 yr old Nambia

"I can’t live without music. To me music means fun and action. When I am angry with my parents or my sister, music is able to calm me down." 13 yr old, Germany

I like music because it arouses in me different feelings. I like playing music with other children because we all depend on each other, no matter how simple or difficult the part we have to play can be." 12 yr old Argentina


1151 Lorane Hwy
Eugene, OR 97405

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"Music is a higher revelation
than all wisdom and philosophy.
Music is the electrical soil
in which the spirit lives,
thinks and invents."

~ Ludwig van Beethoven ~

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Hart as Drum
'It is told that the skin or body of a drum determines who or what will be called into being . Drums are believed to be your journeying transportation. A drum made of heart will call the spirits concerned with the essential essence of life. '
Women Who Run With Wolves, Estes.


The Zorya
1151 Lorane Hwy.
Eugene, OR 97405


receptive yielding magnetic pulling  nurturing secret unforlding understanding wisdom mercy womb labor birth ocean emotion moon regenerative transforming darkness living loving kindness interior hart beat earth hidden deep love drawing in holding natural nourishment milk of life ever changing ever constant life sustaining