The Zorya

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The Zorya celebrates the coming together of the divine feminine and the divine masculine and all  its manied forms and variations. 

The Zorya is committed to serving both men and women who are interested in awakening to their full human potential.

We are a synergy of eclectic teachers from many lineages who have become enlivened through the nurturing, awakening, and healing of our essential sexual, sensual and spiritual energies. We know that  through our  exploration, celebration and acceptance of our divine living masculine and feminine energies we are expanded, nourished and more fully spiritually awakened into oneness with all.

We offer workshops and  programs. The sacred teachings of Tantra, Kundalini, Kabalah, Mindfulness,Tao, Alchemy, Jewishness, Lakota, Breathwork  and Reiki are woven together to provide powerful support for illuminated understanding.


Hart as Drum
'It is told that the skin or body of a drum determines who or what will be called into being . Drums are believed to be your journeying transportation. A drum made of heart will call the spirits concerned with the essential essence of life. '
Women Who Run With Wolves, Estes.


The Zorya
1151 Lorane Hwy.
Eugene, OR 97405


receptive yielding magnetic pulling  nurturing secret unforlding understanding wisdom mercy womb labor birth ocean emotion moon regenerative transforming darkness living loving kindness interior hart beat earth hidden deep love drawing in holding natural nourishment milk of life ever changing ever constant life sustaining