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1151 Lorane Hwy
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Sunday November 1
International Potluck
and at 7pm
The University of the Unknown

Kim Bryson-Chamley

Photo © UNICEF/HQ96-1166

About the UNICEF Tap Project

What is the UNICEF Tap Project?

In 2007, the UNICEF Tap Project was born in New York City based on a simple concept: restaurants would ask their patrons to donate $1 or more for the tap water they usually enjoy for free, and all funds raised would support UNICEF’s efforts to bring clean and accessible water to millions of children around the world.

Growing from just 300 New York City restaurants in 2007 to over 2,300 across the country in 2008, the UNICEF Tap Project has quickly grown into a national movement. Restaurants, corporations, volunteers, advertising agencies, community groups, local governments and everyday diners participated to save millions of children’s lives.

During World Water Week, March 21-27, 2010, the UNICEF Tap Project will once again raise vital donations and awareness for UNICEF’s water and sanitation programs. For every dollar raised, a child will have clean drinking water for 40 days. All funds raised support UNICEF’s efforts to bring clean and accessible water to millions of children around the world.


UNICEF has saved more children’s lives than any other humanitarian organization, and UNICEF is committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve the goal of reaching zero preventable deaths. Currently, UNICEF provides access to safe water and sanitation facilities while promoting safe hygiene practices in more than 90 countries. By 2015, UNICEF's goal is to reduce the number of people without safe water and basic sanitation by 50 percent.


Ongoing Classes and Gatherings

Mindfulness Meditation Class 7pm

Meditation and Mindfulness--The Buddha's Original Method  8

$5 -25 Suggested donation



Fireside Room

Co-op Play Group

9:30 - Noon

Monthly Membership Fee


Orion Room

Support and Reiki For Moms

10am - noon

Preemies, NICU, PECU,  Special Needs Infants

and Newborns and Children encouraged to come


Drop-ins Welcome!

$5 Suggested donation

Suggested donation


 Opening Heart Meditation

Noon to 12:15


Brown Bag Lunch



Women in Transitionand Transformation



We will be using the book the TAO of Abundance

by Lawerence G. Boldt

as we journal, vision , wander and write and rewrite our own 'her'story(Libby!)



Hearth Room

 University of the Unknown

Evenings in the Unknown

7-9 pm

This is a forum to explore the probabilities, possibilities and the wonderment of IT ALL!

If you have a workshop or topic you would like to share with others, Please let us KNOW!!!!

We are open to ALL topics.

Call 541-345-1070 for current class offerings.

Suggested donation $10



Wednesday Open Forum Reiki Class


This is a great opportunity to come and learn Reiki Techniques, Tips, Share, Practice Buildnig Ideas and Volunteer Experiences, and then stay for the Community Reiki Circle.  

Koinonia House

1414 Kincaid

Across from the Knight Library


1 CEU Contact unit



Community Open Reiki Circle


Two Locations!!!


Koinonia House

1414 Kincaid


Across from the Knight Library

Parking in the lot next to the House




SITS Center

1151 Lorane Hwy

Eugene, OR 97405


Circle opens at 6:15

 Every One Welcome!

2 CEU contact units


This is a great opportunity to try Reiki for the first time or to join with other Reiki Practitioners  and do what we love!


Circle opens at 6:15pm

 but come at any time and stay as long as you desire


Suggested Donation $5-10




Thursday's Quickies 

The Joy of Reikiing!

15 Minute Reiki Session For $15


Drop-ins Welcome

Get Just A Taste of Honey with this Sweet Experience.

Reiki is  Relaxing, Calming , Rejuvenating

Come and IN-Joy  Reiki!


Koinonia House

1414 Kincaid97401

Across from the Knight Library



Sky Room

SITS Center

1151 Lorane Hwy


Couples Reiki and

 Open Healing and Empowerment Process Group     

7:30 -9:30

Call 541-343-0808 for details

Although this class is primarily for couples, all are welcome to come and explore the divine dynamic energy of sharing Reiki  within  Relationship in a Deep and Intimate Way.


Bring blanket and pillow


 This will be 80% the same people each week so we can build trust and go deep. It will be a safe space for total diversity of race, philosophy, religion, sexual or relationship orientation. We will work with all issues, relationship, career, spiritual, and address needs:

1. To Integrate  Compassionate Communication learning.

 2. To speak  Compassionate Communication  more naturally

3.Empowerment and claiming one’s personal life vision.

5. Community.

6. Empathy/Healing.

7. Consistent Support.


Suggested Donation 

 $20 – $40




Drop-In Reiki Clinic
2pm - 5pm.
Koininia Center
1414 Kincaid
Drop-in for a Personal Energy Assesment and get your Personalized Inner Peace Plan

Reiki Class 10-4pm

Learn to tap into  our naturally occuring healing energies and  bring balance to your body and your life.

This dynamic class awakens the healer within.  Focused on the practical applications of these techniques, you learn to use this energy to enhance your well being, body, mind, and spirit.

Michelle Crisante


Call to register, register on line  or register at class.




6 CEU Contact Hours available

3 College General Studies Credits available





Reads and Reiki!

Bring your Own Cards And Let's Play!

Tea, Tarot and Talk.



Energy Healing Circle

Everyone Welcome

Energy Healers from all modalities and Healing Paths join  together with the community members in a meditative healing environment dedicated to affirming wholeness and well being in ourselves, the world, the planet and the universe.

Circle Begins 


Join us!!

The Goddess's Kitchen Hour
Illustration: Helping Mom in the kitchen


Come enjoy your dinner and relax, visit and share in our hearth before the evening's events.

6 - 7pm

Well, our door is always open
And there's surely room for more
Cooking where there's good love
Is never any chore
So come to get to know us 

 There'll be a place set just for you!

Muffin warm and basket brown
Smiling faces gathered
Round our dinner table
Close together, hand in hand
We always cook with honey
To sweeten up the night
We always cook with honey
Tell me, how's your appetite
For some sweet love
Finding favor with your neighbor
Well, it can be so fine
It's easier than pie to be kind
We've been searching for so long
Now our house has
Turned into a home Cook With Honey by Judy Collins


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Copyright 2009, The Zorya

Spirit In The Sky ~Spirit In The Heart
1488 Barber Drive
Eugene, OR 97401

Namasté: I honor the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells. I honor the place in you
which is of Love, of Truth, of Light and of Peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are One.