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The SITS Center office space  is available by the month, day or hour.  The prices Include wireless internet AND so much MORE!!!!!
The office spaces are perfect for Reiki, Alchemical Healing, Energy Work, Mediation, Meditation, Counseling, teaching....? 

Starry Starry Night Dream Realization Room -$10 per hr      This small cozy room is perfect for Practitioneers who work within the deepest parts of the subconcious, whether through Jungian Dream Exploration, Gestalt Therapy, Color Therapy, Alchemical Exploration or even Sound Vibrational Healing. Massage Table availabe for use, if needed.

Orion - $15 per hr                                                                              This is room is set up for counselors, mediators or private consultation or teaching.

The North Star - $20 per hr                                                             This Light Airy Room is Perfect for Reiki, or Energy work. A Massage table is provided.

SITS Center provides the Community beautiful spaces for Classes, Workshops, Events (showers, weddings, family gatherings, reunions)  an instructional art studio. All are  available for use by the hour or the day.

The Sky Room -

$25 an hr. $125 for the Day (9-5pm), $75 per evening. 
The Sky Room  speaks to the soul of all of us. Join us for meditation or Reiki or an inspiring class in this wonder ful sky cloud filled room overlooking  all of Eugene and the surronding beautiful Blue Purple  Coburg Hills.
This is where we hold our weekly Sunday Night Reiki Circle.(6pm) It is perfect for Yoga classes and group meditation. .

Hourly Practitioner space is $15 per hour, 4 hrs is $50, all day is $90 (9-5pm) . After 5pm $20 per hr.

The Fireside Room
 $20 an hr. $100 for the Day (9-5pm) $50 per evening.
This is a perfect cozy space for family gatherings and celebrations or group mediation, meditation or classes. Our Oral History and Grant Writing Classes are held here in the eve. in this space. This is where our Little Songs for Every ONE! is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The Hearth Room
$20 an hr $125 for the Day (9-5pm) $50 per evening -
Irish Legend has it that  The Hearth is the center  and foundation  for community Life.  It is also within the hearth  that we find the strength and wisdom of the femine aspect  which pervades and stabilizes the home and  surrounding  lands. Our Hearth Room is  the center of much activity, where warmth and nourishment, are provides . And in True Celtic  Tradition it is the  gathering place for storytelling and music, and an open place  for hospitality to all.
The Hearth Room  is an informal honored  gathering space next to our gourmet kitchen and our Green Tiger Gift Shop. This space is great for book signings and author events and the Thursday night Mystery  Writing Club.  
Our prenatal Reiki classes are held here every other Monday night. Please see our schedule for specific dates.

The Art Studio classroom space
is $20 an hour $100 for the Day (9 - 5pm) and $50 per evening.

Use of the kitchen is available upon request.
Use of Hot tub is on an hourly basis @ $15 per hr. Ask about details.
Washer and Dryer on Premises for Practitioner use.

Wireless internet is available

We are a half Mile from the Friendly Street Market
Friendly  St. to

 Van Buren and 1151  Lorane Hwy

Location: 1151 Lorane Hwy
Eugene, OR 97405







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Spirit In The Sky ~Spirit In The Heart
1488 Barber Drive
Eugene, OR 97401

Namasté: I honor the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells. I honor the place in you
which is of Love, of Truth, of Light and of Peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are One.