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The Zorya are the three ancient  dawn, sky and light goddesses. 
There is Utrennyaya, the morning star;
Vechernyaya, the evening star;
Zorya the midnight star.
All have the same job:
 to guard a chained dog who tries to eat the constellation Ursa Minor, the little bear.
If the chain should ever break and the dog should ever get loose, the universe will end.

Michelle Crisanti
Utrennyaya, the Morning Star
Resident Morning Star Goddess
Tina Corbett
Vechernyaya, the Evening Star
Resident Evening Star Goddess
Resident Midnight Star Goddess


The Morning Star is Zorya Utrennyaya (also Zvezda Danica, Zvezda Dennitsa, Zwezda Dnieca, Zvezda Zornitsa, Zora). She opens the heavenly gates for the chariot of the sun in the morning. She is depicted as a fully armed and courageous warrior. She is the patron goddess of horses, and is associated with the planet Venus.

The Evening Star is Zorya Vechernyaya (also Vecernja Zvezda, Zvezda Vechernaya, Zwezda Wieczoniaia, Zwezda Wieczernica, Zvezda Vechernitsa, Zarja). She closes the gates of heaven each night as the sun returns home.

The Midnight Star is Zorya Polunochnaya
Each night, the sun dies in the Midnight Zorya's arms and is then restored to life.
She is a goddess of death, rebirth, magic, mysticism, and wisdom.


Hart as Drum
'It is told that the skin or body of a drum determines who or what will be called into being . Drums are believed to be your journeying transportation. A drum made of heart will call the spirits concerned with the essential essence of life. '
Women Who Run With Wolves, Estes.


The Zorya
1151 Lorane Hwy.
Eugene, OR 97405


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